ROX Automation

Robotics Made Easy

ROX Automation provides key software and development services for machine builders. Our goal is to make advanced robotics production-ready, affordable and accessible. We concentrate on accelerating sustainable technology.

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Professional Support

Full-Stack Robotics Expertise

We offer professional consultancy and software development services. Our expertise covers many areas of automation technology — from hardware interfacing and embedded software to high-level control and cloud deployment. We are here to help you with your project, from concept to production.

Open Architecture

Our Commitment to Compatibility

Our focus is on creating software that is easy to integrate with various systems and hardware components. By using open standards like CANopen, we ensure that our solutions are adaptable and reliable, designed to meet the practical demands of modern automation.

Open Source

Our Foundation and Inspiration

Open-source is our foundation and source of inspiration.This provides our clients with freedom and flexibility, avoiding vendor lock-ins and costly licensing fees. As we believe that open-source is the future of automation, we actively contribute and share with the community.

Position control

ODrive CAN driver

The Asyncio driver for ODrive V3.6 is designed for simple and direct control over ODrive using the CAN protocol. It's built to integrate smoothly with asyncio, ensuring reliable and efficient communication with ODrive systems. Check out the source code on GitLab and access the full documentation here.

This driver not only covers the complete ODrive CAN protocol but also includes the OdriveMock class for effective device simulation. For practical usage, it comes with CLI tools for message inspection, backup, and demos, making it a versatile tool for developers working with ODrive.

Example code

Roxbot framework

'Roxbot' (pre-release) is a Pythonic, Robotics Framework inspired by ROS, offering a modular and user-friendly approach to robotics. Its features include simplified configuration, seamless module communication using asyncio and MQTT, and effective hardware interaction. Discover more in the documentation and access the code on GitLab.

Roxbot supports various kinematic models and offers tools for easy diagnostics and monitoring. Roxbot emphasizes simplicity, minimalistic design and compatibility with ROS/ROS2 systems. Ideal for developers looking for an accessible yet powerful robotics framework.